About The Artist

“For me the greatest detail in my art is to leave something for the viewers to think about.”

I am an artist living in New Delhi, India. My passion for art and creativity has grown as a strong part of my identity. I have always been surrounded by artists in my early age which developed a keen interest in various forms of art. Throughout my life, I have always been expressing my thoughts through art in different forms. Whether decorating my house, designing my clothes and jewellery or what not.

Having learnt Hindustani classical vocal from Gandharva Mahavidyalya, India (Gwalior Gharana) and learning Odyssey Classical dance from world famous artist Madhavi Mudgal added more value to the way of understanding and perceiving art. Soon after my schooling, I did Applied Arts Diploma, further persued advance certification in Multimedia. In 1999, I was making digital paintings in photoshop which got me a huge recognition in my professional career.

Worked as a Graphic/Web Designer in an IT company for over 7 years. Was working as a Creative Head when I left my job.

While raising my 2 sons, I worked with a top freelancing website where I got a chance to work with different people around the world and realized the importance of perfection and design instinct.

Couple of years ago, I restarted my passion of Paintings. I love to work with different techniques to get different texture and layers using acrylics, water colours, oil colours, charcoal, metallics, graphite, nib art etc. by using paint scrappers, brushes, sticks, threads and knives. I also love to work with waste papers/material to create mixed media art. I find inspiration in nature and different kind of materials and textures.

Landscapes, portraits, nude art etc. are some of the categories I enjoy creating. To bring purity and essence to my artwork, I do not like to follow any rules or guidelines.

Art brings me peace and offers me a place to meditate in the world of Great Beauty

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